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A perfect compliment to the 80/20 Diet

The recipes in this book will help you to get an understanding on how you should be eating healthy foods every day.

While I will not suggest that you have to be 100% into it, I will promise you that if you follow it 75% of the time, you will lose weight faster and feel better.

Paleo eating is not that radical. You will just be shopping a little differently. You will be looking at food labels a lot more. Soon it will be second nature. You will know what to buy for your nutrition without even thinking about it. It happened to me. A good habit of buying healthy foods became my life style.

What you are striving for is to eliminate sugar and processed foods. Doing so will up your energy levels, get your metabolism going, and in the process you will lose weight because your liver is not only working properly, it is also thanking you for the life change.

It’s not hard to buy fresh foods, foods that have not been corrupted by the chemical laden processing that has become the problem to the western diet. Foods that are loaded with all kinds of sugars, leading us to a nation of overweight diabetics.

Paleo Recipe Book will show you how to get on the right track!

Seven reasons to consider the Paleo Diet:

  1. An eight week Meal Plan that will help you start a new habit.
  2. Quick,  Simple, and easy to prepare Paleo Meals
  3. Paleo Deserts….That’s right….Deserts. sometimes you can have your cake too!
  4. To bring more flavor to the table, a Herb & Spice Guide is included.
  5. You do not need to be an expert cook! Cooking Tips included.
  6. Your own kitchen will be fine. No special cooking tools and equipment needed.
  7. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Remember: Health Stems From Your Diet!!!!

For your path to optimal health and long life long wellness, it starts HERE!! 

Check out the Paleo Recipe Book.

All you have to lose is poor health!

All you have to gain is good looks and a positive outlook!