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Lose WeightLose Weight & Keep It Off!

I have lost over 45 pounds in a six month period and kept it off for over three years now.

Many people I run into, friends and family, acquaintance’s, have asked how I did it, how do I keep the weight off? To be truthful, part of my motivation is the knowing that some are waiting for me to gain it back. I have been down that road before, just like many others. The yo-yo syndrome. Lose it and gain it all back again plus some. What to do?

What I have done differently this time was get a little education on diet and applied some common sense.

If you get one thing from this weight loss website please understand and get this: You can not go through the trouble of losing weight and then go back to the diet you had before. That’s where people fail. You assume that your back to where you want to be in weight and now it’s back to the eating habits that got you overweight in the first place. You have to understand that a life change has to happen. If you can’t accept that, you are wasting your time here. Go to one of those “gimmick diet” sites and sign up. You will be back here later.

So How Do You Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

When you want to Lose Weight….First you need a plan…………I was always a calorie counter diet minded person. If you consume less calories than you body needs, you will lose weight. What kind of calories? I did not care. I always thought that the formula would work, regardless of the food, and it will. However it is the wrong way to go about weight loss. I found that out quite by accident while searching the web for a calorie counting guide and program that I could use to start my diet. I clicked on an advertisement for a weight loss plan that was not only very informative, it was also inexpensive. I gave it a try.

The plan worked because it educated me on the foods I should be eating and the ones I should avoid. Not just during the weight loss period, but for the rest of my life. Really it is not that difficult, it just requires some new habits.

Weight Loss Habits

First understand that it is not all about calories. At first it will be, calories in and out as stated above. However the right calories are very important.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Those high on the Glycemic Index. More on that index in a later post.
  • Most foods that have diet, healthy, etc. on the cover because…….
  • You want to avoid those chemicals that are on the ingrediant list, and they are on almost all of them. If you can’t pronounce it, neither can your liver!
  • Sugar….get over it….no more cake, ice cream, and products that have sugar in them. Sorry. That’s the hard part. You will get use to it. A new habit! If you can not submit to this…..you will gain the weight back!

A Thought On The Chemicals In Your Food

One thing I have learned….your liver is the traffic cop of all the things you eat. The liver is responsible for getting rid of things your body does not need such as what it reconises as poisons and extra fats. If it is working on ridding your body of poisons (those chemicals), it will let the fats go by and they will settle in places you do not want them to be. Stomach, hips, thighs……get the problem? We are injesting these chemicals every day through processed foods. Diet sodas are loaded with them. “Zero calories” on those labels are not helping you at all! You have to get in the habit of reading lables. You got to understand the reasons of the Paleo Type Diet. Rid yourself of the chemicals and your body will be more efficient and the calorie counting will be a thing of the past!

Weight loss

And although not a chemical, sugar is one thing you should avoid like the plague!

Read labels…..6-8 grams of sugar is equal to a well rounded teaspoon of something that is going to keep you in an unhealthy state, both in weight and in a situation where diabetes can be lurking in your future. There is no need or desire for that problem.

We will have more posts on How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off in future posts. In the meantime, start thinking of that Life Change!



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