Sebastien Noel: Author0

Sebastien Noel: Author

Here is a short auto biography of Sebastien Noel author of The Paleo Recipe Book:


“My name is Sébastien Noël and I’ve been a nutrition, fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, I don’t think those interests where a choice for me. In very bad health and nobody able to help me for years led me to go my own way into seeking great health and claiming what I think everybody deserves to have.

Some of the problems I’ve been dealing with are leaky gut, allergies, malabsorption, irritable bowels and candida overgrowth. This led to nutrients deficiencies, unhealthy weight loss, debilitating migraines, failure to thrive and a host of other problems. Unlike people trying to lose weight, I’ve been trying to gain weight for a great part of my life.”

Yikes!!! Not where I thought this story was going to go! However it does get better showing a first hand experience of how you can change you life through a healthy diet.

“Nobody should have to go through what I’ve gone through, because the solution is so simple and easy, but yet unrecognized by the mainstream.”

Sebastien’s Paleo Recipe Book is your answer for a better and healthier life style.

Here is a person who had serious health concerns and through a “simple and easy” diet and life change, he turned it all around.

Here is a person who could not gain weight because of his health problems. A curve ball in a weight loss web site. However a diet and life change could work wonders for any one with a weight problem. Paleo eating is a revolution and at the same time an old way of eating your way to nutritional health.

Because health stems from your diet, as Sebastien has found out, his informative Paleo Recipe Book will put you on a path to optimal health and life long wellness.

The Paleo Recipe Book will get you started on that Life Change you need to get rid of the weight and to keep it off for the rest of your now healthy life!