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Man & Women Showing Off Their Six Packs Getting Six Pack Abs


Do you watch action movies in which the protagonist is a muscle bound heart throb and wonder how he managed to develop that amazing Six Pack Ab look? Many famous male celebrity actors have bodies so well toned they make the average male mortal feel inadequate. Of course the fact that your wife or girlfriend is staring at the TV screen in a hypnotic trance and all but salivating does nothing to help you feel better about yourself.

Hunky male action movie heroes obviously know exactly how to get Six Pack Abs, or they hire a personal trainer who can help them to acquire one. Still, just knowing how to get a six pack is not enough. If you want a Six Pack Ab look to rival that of Matthew McConaughey then you had better be prepared for some hard work.

You Are What You Ingest

You may know how to get a Six Pack Ab look, but you are unlikely to acquire one in this lifetime if you refuse to give up the beer, T-bone steaks and ice cream. The fact is that you cannot eat and drink whatever you like and still expect to have a stomach that looks like that of a Hollywood lady magnet.  Even if you do core workout exercises for hours each day you still won’t have a noticeable six pack if you eat the wrong foods. Instead your six pack will remain hidden under a layer of flab. Men whose abdominal muscles prove they know how to get a six pack have removed most if not all of the fat and sugar from their diet.Just remember this…..”Six pack Abs begin in the kitchen”

Increase Your Heart Rate

Those who know how to get  Six Pack Abs will tell you to lose any excess body fat if you want a stomach that looks like theirs. You can do this by following a sensible diet but you will see faster results if you also make the time for regular cardiovascular exercise. At least forty-five minutes of cardio three or four times a week will help you to burn of extra calories so that you lose any excess fat faster than you would though dieting alone.

Hit The Gym

Core workout exercises alone will not give you that noticeable Six Pack Ab look. However, they are still fundamental to fit, toned abdominal muscles. If you know how to get a six pack and are intent on achieving your objective then it is imperative to hit the gym for at least an hour three times a week.  Once you are at the gym you’ll need to focus on various crunches and abdominal exercises if you want to see a six pack develop.

However, it is also a good idea to work on the other muscles of your body as well. Six packs do not look right with underdeveloped leg, chest, back and arm muscles.

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