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Ways To Burn Calories Without Even Knowing It  Burn Calories

If you are beating your self out in the gym week in and week out, you probably want to find some other ways to burn calories that are fun and or not so boring. Burning calories does not have to be a mind numbing chore by constant gym goings and running all over the neighborhood in marathon type conditioning.

Here are some was to burn calories without even feeling like you are working out.


How often do you find yourself waiting? Studies show that people spend significant time of their lives in total waiting! However what do you do while you are waiting? If you are like most people, your sitting while you wait. We wait in the doctor’s office, at the bank, at the air port, at the pharmacy, at the drive through, and a million other places.

If you stand instead of sit while you are waiting, you will burn 36 more calories an hour. While this is a small difference, even the little bits add up over time. This is one of the best ways to burn calories truly without even knowing it.

Wash Your Car

Almost everyone loves to have a shiny, clean vehicle. The average person takes their vehicle through the car wash to make it look its best. However if you choose to wash your car by hand, you will actually burn calories and also save yourself a lot of money over time! Depending on how big your vehicle is and how much energy you spend cleaning it, you can burn almost 300 calories an hour.

This is almost the same as taking a jog or exercising lightly at the gym. However instead of being in the crowded gym, you can be outside doing something fun. This is a great way to burn calories without even knowing it. You can include your children and make a game out of it.

Play With Your Kids

Studies show that excess television watching and video game usage in children has a negative impact on them. However there are other reasons to get up and play with your children, too. Playing with your kids is a great way to burn calories without even feeling like you are working out at all!

Depending on what you do with your children, you can burn anywhere from a few calories to up to 150 calories every ten minutes! Jumping rope, playing catch, or playing tag are some great ways to play with your children and burn calories at the same time. And your kids will thank you for it.

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So before you dismiss exercise as too boring or too time consuming, think of the little things that you can do as ways to burn calories without even working out.