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Our lives and diets are changing! We are working more than ever, spending more money than ever and eating unhealthy foods more than ever. But these changes are not necessarily for the better. I mean our work is getting stressful; we are spending more than we can afford and we are living off credit cards and our eating habits are by far the worst.

Blame it on lack of time or just convenience; our daily meals are more often from the freezer, in to the microwave and on our dinner plate. Our kitchens are getting swankier but are hardly used to cook a meal from scratch; rather our western meals are dependent on freezing and reheating and the heat and eat segment of food is budding. It may all seem convenient from the outside but what we are knowingly ignoring is we are opening our doors to unwanted ailments and diseases that are widespread in the western society, thanks to our eating habits.

Right from our breakfast to dinner, what we eat is mostly refined sugar, starch, carbs and loads of fats. If that is not enough, the amount of junk food, fried food, cured meats, packaged food, refined grains, corn starch, high fat dairy products and colas are destroying our insides with sodium, sugar, carbs, preservatives and saturated fats. All these things are something our body can do well without.

Though we all very well know that eating a wholesome and a nutritious meal is the backbone of a healthy body. Still we find ourselves eating a diet that is unhealthy and possibly poisoning our body. The result of this is we are falling prey to the pitfalls of the western diet due to the consumption of synthetic and chemical instilled foodstuffs having no nutritional value at all.

This lack of nutrition is making us easy prey for various ailments that were not so common during our previous generations lifetime. Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, various types of cancer, rise in blood cholesterol levels, obesity etc are the few hazards of our unhealthy eating habits. Research has also proven that the western diet wouldn’t help you in ageing well.

These pitfalls of the western diet are affecting a lot of lives around us, possibly even our own, so it is high time we take a stance for our own good will and the wellness of our families and start making a difference to our diet and ultimately our overall well being. Eating healthy foods and fresh natural produce like fruits, vegetables, green, pulses, whole grains, dairy products and poultry in its unadulterated form is a good start.

These foods provide us with protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and all other necessary nutrients that our body needs for its daily functioning. They also increase our immunity to fight other diseases and keep our body and over all health fit. However people keep away from these foods because they find them tasteless and boring to eat. Well there are ways to make these foods interesting, as long as there is a will to make it happen. If you don’t like your greens and veggies then you can juice them or make smoothies and blend them with tastier fruits to make them palatable. The nutrition value will still be the same with juicing. With your meat, instead of frying it, you can broil or steam them or do stir-fries with healthier fat option like olive oil or canola oil, which is good for your heart and cholesterol.

However what we are doing is meticulously keeping away these necessary foods from our diet and relying on preserved foods. These unhealthy foods are addictive and your body craves for sugar, carbs and fat rich foods and their regular consumption is eating our bodies from the inside. More than anything else, the biggest trigger of these foods is obesity, which a lot of people are suffering from and which is a root cause for most other ailments and diseases. Losing weight is the first step towards breaking away from the clutches of the western diet. The best hope for that is eating a wholesome and a nutritious diet and indulging in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis to keep your body fit and healthy. After all, it is true when they say “we are what we eat”, so eat well and treat your body well.

It is not to late, and definitely not to early to change your life for the better when it comes to weight, fitness, and nutrition. I did it. After years of avoiding looking at myself in the mirror, I finally did. Yikes! It was time to make a commitment, so I could dance at my grand kids weddings. You are invited to visit Weight and Fitness Solutions to learn more.

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