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Sugar in the DietDiabetes and Sugar In The Diet

The popular sweetener for many centuries, sugar has been blamed as the cause for various ailments. The problems with sugar in the dietĀ are more a generalized conception where everybody knows that it is harmful but nobody is aware of the amount of damage that the sweetener could infuse into a person’s life.

Apart from the popularly known medical concerns raised with the excessive use of sugar, numerous medical journals publish periodic articles about the new problems that have been diagnosed or detected. With all the Diet Plans available, many of these problems could be avoided.

Increasing your risk of diabetes: Sugar as it is popularly known increases the risk of diabetes if taken in excessive quantities by reducing the amount of insulin in the body. The lesser-known fact is that when the sugar level in the blood increases beyond the prescribed amount a person can drift in coma or have seizures.

However, the inbuilt body mechanisms that produce insulin in the pancreas ensure that there is abundance of insulin that could counteract with the sugar components. The undigested sugar is converted into fat, while this does not mean that one should have high levels of insulin as that might lead to an increased level of cholesterol.

Excessive Sugar Damages the pancreas: The excessive pressure on the pancreas to keep constantly producing insulin results in the wear out of the organ. The pancreas are also not capable of producing insulin at the speed of sugar intake, which means that the sugar stays for longer in the blood that would result in binding of the protein cells, which would eventually damage them.

Causes osteoporosis: Adding to the list of problems with sugar is the possibility of developing osteoporosis due to the depilating levels of calcium levels in the bones due to excessive levels of sugar. The presence of excessive sugar content in the body leads to a destruction in the amounts of stored minerals in the body. It has been proved that the excessive levels of sugar in the body results in the faster excretion of calcium from the body and in most cases it is from the best store of calcium, i.e. the bones and leads to osteoporosis.

Weakens the immune system: Phagocytes, the major contributor in the white blood cells in consuming foreign bodies is said to stop working for around 6 hours post the consumption of sugar. The Phagocytes is a major contributor to the immune system of the body and it turns inactive for a while after sugar consumption. A prolonged use of sugar, therefore might lead to a standstill of the immune system that might make the person vulnerable to infections and diseases or a prolonged period of illness if one is already sick.

Makes you prone to cancer: The lesser-known problems with sugar is that it makes a person prone to cancer by disrupting the balance in the levels of the various essential minerals in the body. The sugar molecules disable the body’s ability to fight away the “free radicals” or the waste produced in the body that bind oxygen and result in cancer.

Causes food allergies: Numerous problems with sugar are created due to its disruption of the mineral balance in the body. The mineral imbalance created results in the disruption of the working of the enzymes that break the food particles into consumable molecules.
However, when the enzymes do not work efficiently the food particles entering the blood stream are seen as foreign body and the antibodies in the body fight these organisms, which leads to a food allergy kind of situation or as a rash or stomach upset.

Increases the risk of heart disorders: Diabetes, heart diseases and excessive weight gain are just a few problems that one is likely to encounter because of excessive sugar intake. It has been proved that most of the aliments of the body is a result of the increased sugar consumption of people, which is also partly a result of theĀ changing lifestylesof the people and their food consumption patterns.

However, the popular option that most people seek to tackle the problems with sugar, i.e. artificial sweeteners is not the ideal solution as that is just a way of exploring new avenues of the deteriorating health by increasing the chemical intake of the body.

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