Processed Foods


Some Hard Facts On Processed Foods

First a definition on processed foods: Simply put, you can find a definition right on the food label of the product you are about to purchase. Please look at the processed food list from a product that advertises itself as a “diet food”

Enriched flour,folic acid, sugar, glycerol, vegetable oil, fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, modified corn starch, reduced mineral whey, invert sugar,soy lecithin, monocalcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, salt, datem, artificial flavor, mono-and diglycerdies, sodium alginate, cellulose gum, cellulose gel, sodium citrate, xanthan gum, malic acid, tricalcium phosphate, color added (whats that?), BHT for freshness

There was more, however I got bored by typing it all. That list is a representation of processed foods, and an advertised diet food no less.

Your Liver vs Processed Foods

Consider what happens when your liver sees all that stuff coming down. It takes all this processed stuff and labels it as poisons, and goes to work on trying its best on getting it out of your body. That is what your liver is supposed to do. It is the gate keeper to your nutritional needs. Processed foods are poisons, not needed, so it works on getting them out.

So while your liver is getting those processed foods out of your system, it will let other things into your system, such as the good proteins, carbs, and fat. That’s right, the three basics that your body needs for its nutritional needs. All carbs and fats are not bad for you, they are needed by your body, however it does not mean it will need everything you ingest. If your liver was not focusing on those processed foods, it will get rid of the excess fat and carbs you eat if your body does not need them.

Now I’m not saying you can eat all you want of the “good stuff” and you will lose weight. If you consume more calories than you are burning during the day, you will not lose weight. However if you pay attention to what you eat by doing your best to eliminating those processed foods, you will stand a better chance of losing that weight quicker and doing yourself a tremendous favor by eliminating things tied to weight gain, diabetes, and cancer.

Please do not be fooled by the word DIET on food packaging. Check out the label, make that a part of your weight loss strategy. Start thinking more about eating fresh foods. Find a good paleo food outline and use it. Not to the letter. We do not for a minute recommend eliminating any food group. Your body needs it all. Just in moderation with some common sense thrown in.