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Excess Sugar In The Diet0

Excess Sugar In The Diet:  Is a Modern Diet Making You Fat? Is Excess Sugar in the Diet and the modern Western Diet in general making YOU fat? There is a recently released movie called “Fed Up” directed by  Stephanie Soechtig and produced and narrated by Katie Couric. It should scare the bad habits right […]

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Sugar In The Diet0

Diabetes and Sugar In The Diet The popular sweetener for many centuries, sugar has been blamed as the cause for various ailments. The problems with sugar in the diet are more a generalized conception where everybody knows that it is harmful but nobody is aware of the amount of damage that the sweetener could infuse into […]

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Western Diet0

Pitfalls of the Western Diet Our lives and diets are changing! We are working more than ever, spending more money than ever and eating unhealthy foods more than ever. But these changes are not necessarily for the better. I mean our work is getting stressful; we are spending more than we can afford and we […]

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